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13005 W Bluemound Rd
Brookfield, WI, 53005
United States


Athletes On The Move was founded in 1994 by Realtor David Eyrise. The career of a Pro Athlete, Coach and Sports Industry Executive has created a unique real estate lifestyle. We understand how and why this group of professionals move.  This is why Athletes On the Move was created.  We have built up a word of mouth reputation over the years that provides the trust you need to have. 



Private Palate

Private Palate is a personal chef service created by Chef Britta Kramer for the Greater New York area, Milwaukee and Chicago. The main philosophy of Private Palate is to prepare nutrient-dense meals using fresh, local, whole foods.  They encourage clients to make a healthy lifestyle choice by providing health-conscious chefs for each client.  All menus are custom-designed to meet any dietary restrictions or food allergy, to provide meals that will benefit client's lifestyles.  

Among personal chef services Private Palate also caters for parties and events and hosts at home cooking classes.  You can sign up for a private in-home instruction class or a corporate team building and wellness program for your office!

For more information contact Britta Kramer at (414) 243-7462 or (347) 292-1520 and by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Private Palate. 



Discrete Headwear

Discrete is a brand who creates clothing to amplify the people wearing Discrete, they do not attract people looking to be defined by what they wear, they help define the individual.  Discrete was established by Julian Carr from his extensive knowledge in computer science and love for mathematical principles that you can not concretely define, such as calculus, trigonometry, or any definitive computer algorithm.  Most of Discrete's products are named after mathematical and computer science terminology.

Discrete the company embodies separation from the pack.  They are unique; a concept and style that follows no trends, opens the door to indivdiual perception, and keeps a steady pulse on simplicity.  

For more information contact Julian Carr at (801) 573-2570 or by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Discrete Headwear.   



Advantage Fitness Products

Advantage Fitness Products is a leading provider of innovate fitness and wellness based solutions for commercial facilities worldwide.  AFP offers expertise across multiple facets of the health & fitness industry, including functional facility design, supply and support, and programs established to assist clients in maximizing their investments in fitness.  AFP's proprietary service is an intuitive online facility management program that provides efficient and cost effective support for the daily management of any indoor fitness facility. 

Through all of its endeavors, AFP attempts to address the growing demand for a more active and healthy quality of life for all.   

For more information contact Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Rob Newkirk at (949) 331-2544 and by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Advantage Fitness Products.  



Elevee Clothing

Elevee is a luxury clothing brand that has been creating custom hand tailored wardrobes for high profile executives, professional athletes, and celebrity elite, for over a decade.  Elevee is a completely vertical company that manufactures, designs, and styles in the U.S.A.  That coupled with thousands of in-house fabrics sourced from the finest English and Italian mills, enables Elevee the unprecedented ability to provide 24 hour turn around service.  

Elevee has the top stylists and designers in the fashion industry.  The stylists help cultivate individuality through client's wardrobes and create a style that articulates their own image.  Elevee's hand tailored, custom wardrobes are designed to exclusively fit each client's lifestyle from casual to formal.  They understand the impact of being impeccably dressed and the necessity to establish each client's own unique image and brand. 

For more information contact Percy Knox at (480) 319-2343 and by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Elevee Clothing.  



Brook Furniture Rental

For 35 years, Brook Furniture Rental has been a leader in the furniture rental industry.  Specializing in furnishing homes and apartments for individuals in transition.  BFR is ready to assist with your furniture needs, including furnishings for temporary or permanent relocation, short-term assignments, or secondary homes.  

You are sure to find a collection and price range that will suit your budget, as well as style and comfort requests.  BFR also provides housewares, electronics, office furniture and more!  The BFR showroom teams nationwide are trained to assist with the furniture selection process and creative space planning options.   

For more information contact Carolyn Ferroly at (414) 559-4198 or by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Brook Furniture Rental.  



Global Sight and Sound 

 Global Sight and Sound is Wisconsin's leader in Audio Visual planning, integration and service.  They have been designing and installing home theater systems, audio, video and home control systems for over 25 years.  They provide clients with extraordinary service while supplying their client's with all of the today's top brands in Audio/Visual.  

Whether a client is buying their first audio visual system or they are building their second or third home, Global Sight and Sound can help!  Comprised of an experienced team of system integrators who will ensure clients have a seamlessly integrated home audio and visual system.  

For more information contact Peter Kotsakis at (414) 467-6439 or by email at  Please mention Athletes On The Move when contacting Global Sight and Sound.